Bryan Cera​

Assistant Professor in Object Making and Emergent Technologies

Alberta University of the Arts

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Ceramic 3D Print and Plotter Drawing Series
Video Crystals
Fiber Optic Video Sculptures.
Chess with Mustaches
3D Printed Sculpture.
Digital Gesture / Analog Object
Exploration in Computer Vision and Ceramic 3D Printing
Arm Robot for Artistic Inquiry.
Glove One
Wearable Cell Phone.
Interactive Video Installation.
Interactive Video Console.
Tactile CAD interface.
Social Sonic Architecture
Interactive Sound Installation.
Entertainment System
Public Installation.
Pixel Tripping
Interactive Video Installation.
Chipstone Cosmos
Museum Kiosk Software.
Networked Interactive Video Installation.
Outbreak in Flux
Interactive Video Installation.
Automatic Manual
Sequenced Video Object.
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