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Social Sonic Architecture #3

Interactive Sound Installation

In collaboration with Nathan Stern.

Social Sonic Architecture #3 is a sound installation created by Bryan Cera and Nathaniel Stern in 2014 as part of their duo exhibition "Vital Technologies".

Using custom built hardware and software by Cera and Stern, audio can be sent to over 36 individually addressable speakers.  The 36-foot-long chain of speakers leads to a condenser microphone, inviting participants to contribute vocal interactions.  The software stores audio bytes in its memory and echoes them - while simultaneously controlling 36 relays, each connected to a speaker.  

Participant's aural interactions are spatially displaced and temporally delayed. Their sound is doubly echoed, in software and across the space, based on short bursts of sound and activity. It creates a kind of sonic architecture as audio moves across the wall, but also new social spaces in the gallery, as participants in and around the structure play with one another to make new forms.

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