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Video Crystals

Video Sculpture Series

Video Crystals is a series of sculptures that display video color data on the surfaces of three-dimensional forms.  A unique fiber-optics system allow moving images to be mapped onto 3D forms without the need of a video projector.

Pictured here are the first three in the series: Amber's Crystal, Jesse's Crystal, and Craig's Crystal. This triptych was digitally fabricated from 3D scans of models' faces. The video that populates each sculpture's surface was captured using a custom-built 3D imaging rig.

The triptych incorperates, as its video an audio scources, cell phones previously owned by each model - and features spoken word taken directly from each phone's text-message history.

These Video Crystals are visualisations of digitally abstracted identities. As we gaze into the crystals - and they gaze back - we are asked to medititate on the relationship between technology and self.

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