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Cubecube is a tangible, tactile interface for CAD (computer-aided design.) As open source design platforms continue to emerge, there is an opportunity to explore new possibilities in how we create.


The Cubecube project aims to investigate the question: If there were a platform for using your hands to build three-dimensional computer models, what might it look like? Cubecube makes creating 3-D computer models as simple as building with blocks. The simplicity of its front-end allows for anyone who can grasp and stack objects the ability to engage with digital fabrication methodologies, and the accessibility of its back-end provides a starting point for further experimentation in the realm of tactile CAD interfaces.


Cubecube offers a different way of thinking about computer-aided design, and provides a strange but familiar platform for creating. 

Cubecube has been published as an open-source hardware project on instructables.com.

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Bryan Cera​

Assistant Professor in Object Making and Emergent Technologies

Alberta University of the Arts


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