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Creative Coding


programming, computation, interactive media


A body of research that has been developing over the past ten years, "creative coding" describes a practice of experimentation and exploration of emergent tools for interactive media.

Utilizing programming environments like Processing, OpenFrameworks, Unity and Max/MSP/Jitter, this body of research investigates the expressive potential of computational media environments.

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A "self-healing" mesh from Attachment Theory, an interactive touchscreen-based installation. Use touch or the mouse cursor and keyboard to interact. Built in processing 3.

A similar particle system is utilized in this interactive video installation (above). This version utilizes computer vision and a web cam to locate movement in the space. Built in OpenFrameworks. 

In this video installation, user/participants use their physical bodies to explore a familiar digital space. A Kinect sensor is used to isolate user/participants silhouettes. Built in Max/MSP/Jitter.

Other experiments employ the kinects depth-sensing capabilities for generative particle systems and points clouds manipulation. Built in Processing 3.

Whimsical VR experiments like this generative fruit tree explore inheritance and object instantiation as a means to iterate unique form and structures algorithmically.

Built in Unity.

Other explorations problematize the use of video game development environments, such as Unity, in the creation of new media art works. This vignette, titled Raining Men, is built in Unity, and critiques gratuitous violence in contemporary video game culture.

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