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Weather Patterns

Interactive and Generative Audio Installation
In collaboration with Nathaniel Stern, Erin Manning, Brian Massumi, Nicole Ridgeway.

Weather Patterns puts in counterpoint a number of materials, concepts, and conditions that affect one another over long stretches of time. The feedback loops between animated sound and air currents (across 50 meters of individually activated speakers and fans), fabric and electromagnetic fields (hundreds of yards of reconfigurable, conductive textiles, some with embedded sensors), scrambled texts and formalist projections, movement and stasis and interaction, are never fully revealed. The piece rather amplifies a relational field where matter and its matters continuously take account, and change.

Below are some audio clips from the installation, recorded this with stationary stereo mics. For best effect, listen with headphones:

White noise, traveling at varying velocities.

Rain sound byte, traveling at varying velocities.

Sine Wave, traveling at varying velocities, changing pitch between each step.

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