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Untitled, Floating Objects

A Public Performance and Installation.
In collaboration with Joe Grennier

Untitled, Floating Objects is an interactive installation and performance by Joe Grennier and Bryan Cera.

Working in tandem, the artists cast thirty, LED-equipped, vacuum-formed UFOs into a body of water. Onlookers and passers-by are invited to manipulate and sequence the UFOs using controllers such as midi drum pads, joysticks and toy guitars, which vary their color, intensity, tempo and pattern via a custom interface.

In the water, the UFOs resemble bioluminescent life forms communicating via pulsing swaths color. On land performers and the audience are simultaneously confronted with this foreign yet familiar language.  Both the performances and resulting dialogue are multifaceted, speaking not only to the tangled relationships between the UFOs, the body of water, the artists and audience, but also to those that manifest in our daily lives, between technology, the environment and one another.

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