For the past several years, I have published various blog posts and instructions on how I design and build things - art, objects, and tools. Below is a collection of some of the tutorials and processes I've published - with difficulty levels ranging from beginner to advanced.  I have learned so much by following other makers on the internet, so my hope is that some maker out there, somewhere, might find my documentation useful.  Enjoy!

For Beginners:
Paper Prototyping
Learn how to prototype 3D objects with cardboard and paper.
Kinect Tripod Mount
Learn how to build a simple aluminum tripod mount for a Kinect Sensor!
DIY Hydraulic Press
Learn how to build a low-cost Hydraulic Press.
Easy Printed Circuit Boards
One of my first tutorials! Learn how to use a low-cost vinyl plotter to create printed circuit boards for your electronics projects.
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Sheet Metal Fabrication
Learn how to use Autodesk Inventor to create a design in sheet metal. Then build it in aluminum!
Paper Synth
Learn how to build the PaperSynth: an Arduino-based synthesizer circuit (for under $5!)
DIY Drill Press
Learn how to build your own Flex-Shaft Drill Press with 3D-Printed Parts.
Copper Electroplating 3D Prints
Learn how to plate 3D prints in copper and silver!
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Toner Transfer PCB
Learn how to create Printed Circuit Boards using the Toner Transfer Method.
Cubecube (A tactile CAD Interface)
Learn how to build your own Cubecube tactile CAD Interface!
Two-Sided PCB
Learn how to etch a two-sided printed circuit board.
Glove One (Wearable Cell Phone)
Learn how to build your very own Glove One, a 3D-printed, wearable cell phone glove.
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